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Client Support Services


Client support is the collaborative process we use to assess participant needs, help eliminate barriers to success and collaborate with the participant to create and implement a successful reentry plan.

Chesapeake Bay Restoration Workforce Initiative 


This initiative provides an ongoing source of personnel, in effect, a sustained, ready cadre of trained individuals, able to provide on the ground, last mile services to government, for profit, and non-profit organizations engaged in critical Chesapeake Bay restoration work. Individuals are trained in green infrastructure maintenance, tree planting, and invasive plant species management because these are all areas where specialized skills are required to fill the unmet needs of the restoration community. Upon successful completion of the training, participants receive a CBLP-A and Crews certification and are recognized as certified landscape associates.

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Soft Skills Education


Our psycho-educational workshops include cognitive behavioral strategies to assist clients in fully understanding the expectations of society, including employers, and family, and to make the necessary changes for positive self-actualization. Topics include goal setting, financial literacy, career readiness, problem solving, and effective communication.

Reentry Workbook

The workbook has modules on financial literacy, goal setting, career readiness, entrepreneurship, and character development. I created the workbook because I believe that reentry should begin the day after an individual enters the correctional facility to serve a sentence. While I believe our correctional institutions need to do a better job preparing individuals to return home, I don’t advise individuals to wait on that because, as are most things in life, we are ultimately responsible for our own success. It is the goal of this workbook to provide individuals with some strategies and resources to prepare for returning home, creating their own path to success. The workbook, entitled, Create Your Life Plan Now: Your Road Map to Reentry, when followed will help change the trajectory of an incarcerated individual’s life. 

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